Saturday, August 20, 2016

Gosaikunda Visit in Nepal

Hello! How are you my dear audiences and readers? Hope everything is fine there and I’m sorry that I could not write here for some months due to my personal problem. Sorry for that!
Today, I’m going to write about my Dad and Mom’s wonderful journey of religious place, GOSAIKUNDA, in Nepal.  I am sharing their feelings through this post online and I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Today’s Children and Technology

 As we know that this is an age of technology. Our life is driving ahead with it and having fun with the ease of technology. But, have we ever heard about its negative side for our children? Or we are closing our eyes just because we are enjoying and taking an advantage of it. Now, this is high time to think about our children. I believe that the demerits of using technology outweigh their merits for our young children due to the following reasons:

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Child Psychology

For the development of every nation, the foundation is children.Their psychology should not be diverted. But, these days, in the world, they are not being able to do what they deserve and what they can. Instead, millions of children are being victimized of depression and other mental problems due to conflicts, violence and other inhuman activities. Three factors are responsible for shifting their ways from right path are society, education, and their age.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

We Have Potentials, No Worries!!

We, Nepali, are very optimistic and positive towards our future and upcoming life. We fought against devastating quake recently, faced years of civil war and day to day woes and troubles. We are acclimated with pain, but equally we are striving ahead for the progress and development of this nation. Our dream to see the prosperous Nepal is becoming realities soon! Having said that, I am trying to elucidate how our dreams are being turned into real life with the flow of time.
First of all, Nepal is the second richest country in hydropower in the world map.  Comparatively, after Brazil, I would like to say this is the first country in the world, whose area is simply 147,181 square meter, but potential of hydropower is 83,000 MW.  We are hardly using 1,000 MW these days. Within few years, around 2,000 MW electricity will be produced, which will not only light whole Nepal, but also becomes a major source of electricity for other countries. Furthermore, although the initial investment for the hydropower is a bit expensive, its maintenance and repair cost is feeble compared to other sources of energy like nuclear energy.
Second of all, tourism is also becoming the booming profession here in Nepal. Many people are engaged in tourism and spending luxurious life. It is considered that Nepal is the top 10 must visited country in the world for the foreigners. The main attractions for tourism here are temples, Hindu’s place for worshipping; mountains, Mt. Everest, Mt. Kanchanjanga etc; Organic farming, green tea; Buddha’s birth place, Lumbini and many more. Every year thousands’ of tourists come to Nepal for visiting and spending their time joyfully.  The cultural dress, cultural food and traditional lifestyle are also source of their preferences.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

My Experiences of Quake

As you know that we are hit by massive earthquake recently on April 25, 2015, definitely this article is being focused on it today and I hope I am speaking the the pains of every Nepali people through this article.

I am writing this article sitting at home, Manamaiju, which is around 6km ride from central part of Kathmandu. The place where I have been living, the time when I am writing and the situation which I am facing are making me ponder and stay alone. Never ever I was such type of boy, who always mull over on a pin point every time. Shaggy dress, isolated and withdrawn faces and raged buildings are teasing me because I could do nothing this time except writing. What I could do was deliver positive messages and let them do meditation as a therapy in order to mitigate their stress to some extent. With this pains and trouble, standing on the balcony of my ruptured house, I am trying to share my experiences with you.

Birds were flying afar in the sky, airplanes and helicopters were carrying death bodies and rescue materials. Salute to rescuers, they were trying to take out live bodies, if possible, through amass of debris. With the hope of life, their first priority was live body and then only dead one. With the technical teams from various countries, they were taking aerial shots of houses so as to determine whether live bodies exist or not. Also, their intelligent dogs were also seemed to playing climactic role to find out such bodies. I was standing in front of them being hopeless, speechless and silent. Crying inside, glimmer of hope still persisted in the favor of live bodies, which became wrong in many places and made me desperate because none remained alive there, everyone killed inside as the pillar beams of the house hit them badly. My hope remained just an unfulfilled dream.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Rituals after Death of Hindu People in Nepal

I am writing about the rituals to be performed after the death of Hindu people here in Nepal. This is article is targeted to my audience who urged me to write about it. It is an obvious demand from audience I think because amass of people were killed here due to devastating temblor that hit Nepal recently. I would like to call it as massacre, which was conducted by the Nature. Let me elaborate the steps one by one.

Initially, when a person dies, the cremation ceremony is performed at the bank of river which is religious place itself. In Nepal, PashupatiNath is considered as the most religious place and most of the people, who believe on Hinduism, want to get burnt in PashupatiNath. However, other places, where three rivers are mixed, can also be place for burning dead body. And the cremation ceremony is performed with woods, ghee of cow and other catalytic agent which can help burning.

Secondly, after burning the body, the son of deceased member shave their head and they wear white cloth, which is itself taken as a pure cloth. The return back to home and wear such type of cloth staying in a separate place being untouchable to other members.